Versatile, Stylish and Economical...

The Neo Tent Series is extremely versatile and offers lots of space for a wide range of events.


Available from 10m - 30 m and ideal entry level product for large tent sytems. Whether for a successful trade exhibition or a magnificent party the Neo Tent Series provides a lasting impression on event organisers and for your guests. Everything in this system can be combined and interchanged with the fully developed technolgy of this particular modular system. The Neo Basis Tent system: a tent rental company’s most profitable rental asset.

The Neo system offers highly efficient solutions for VIP events, parties, exhibitions, promotions as well as tailor-made storage facilities - from simple to extensive. we quarantee that all our structures are tested and approved in compliance with the applicable regulations. As all system components are available for years to come, the combination and expansion options are limitless.

The Neo Tent Basis series tents developed specially for professional rental companies and high quality end-user applications. Modular for diverse combination and expansion.



Available Sizes and Dimensions

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